Grow Your Business, Lower Your Stress, Have More Time

Owning and running a successful, growing business can be a double-edged sword.

You want to focus on your long-term vision and strategies and spend more time managing the business, but urgent day-to-day issues can cause these important activities to take a back seat.

That means missed opportunities, money left on the table and a personal price paid in lack of time and energy for yourself and your family.

Maybe it's time for a fresh perspective, some new ideas and a different approach...

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Meet Fred

Fred Janssen has been helping owners grow the value and profitability of their businesses for over 30 years. You will find his combination of experience, knowledge and common-sense valuable and refreshing.

Fred listens, asks questions and gives useful feedback. You get a new perspective, practical ideas and a plan that make sense for you and your situation. Of course that's only valuable if you act. So, Fred provides the structure, guidance and accountability that makes the difference between a having good plan and getting results. Learn more about Fred's background...

What Clients Say

"With Fred you get your ROI, honesty and results." Monty Rostad, Owner/CEO

"Fred is a valuable business adviser with a unique ability to identify the important issues." Steve Northey, Owner/CEO

"Fred is the most knowledgable business and operations consultant I know."
Ian Lurie, Owner/CEO

"Fred is concise, precise, accurate and honest." Claudio Bucceri, Owner/CEO

Read about some of Fred's work...